Sunday, March 9, 2008


I really love these wind turbines - they seem so whimsical.
Like giant landscape sculptures.
These are just outside of Ararat - east.
Their website blurb says they generate enough electricity for 26,000 homes thus avoiding the emission of 180,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas each year.
That's pretty good, right?

Oh Petrea - I just realized, your last post must have sub-consciously influenced this one - thanks!

Challicum Hills - eastern outskirts of Ararat - 2007


  1. So funny! I never would have made the connection. There are wind turbines like these an hour or two east of here, in the desert near Palm Springs. Hundreds of them. It's a wild sight.

  2. Wind power makes so much sense. There are two I know of in the Toronto area.
    Up here it's bit of an nimby (not in my backyard) issue.

  3. I like the windmills like this

  4. These wind turbines are amazing, Letitia! Very photogenic!

  5. PETREA - Next time you are out that way you should take some shots - I'd love to see your take on them.

    KEN - a nimby - hmmm, I haven't heard that before! Why don't people want them - they are so pretty and make so much sense. These are far enough out of town not to bother anyone and the cows don't seem to mind.

  6. BERGSON - hi, my, that's an intimidating profile photo! but I like it!
    One doesn't expect such a peaceful and beautiful blog to be associated with that face (I don't mean for that to sound insulting) - but there you go - life is full of surprises!

    I just visited your windmill photo.
    I'm glad to hear you are a fan too (no pun intended).
    I see you like abandoned buildings too!
    I'm going to start a new blog soon just of abandoned buildings - I don't think it will appeal to many but who knows - maybe others share the passion?!

  7. SONIA - Thanks, Sonia.
    Do you have any in Brazil?
    These look amazing from a long distance - there are many more on this hillside than I have shown in my photo.
    I haven't been up close to them yet!

  8. This is a beautiful composition.
    As far as the windmills are concerned, they render life more than miserable when they are too close to your house. I have a relative whose beautiful country home has become a nightmare to live: The windmills emit constant noise when the wind blows, her once quiet sunny courtyard cannot be enjoyed any more, and sleeping is only possible with triple glass windows. So beware if they try to erect one near you.

  9. MERISI - I don't think they plant ours too close to houses because we have miles and miles of open land. - of course, I could be wrong - I'm sure there is the odd casualty here in Australia.
    I think they are probably ideal for the bigger type land mass rather than areas of high density population.

    Have you seen the ones in the water?

  10. Someone posted this on Paris Daily Photo and I stole it because I thought you'd like to see it:

    These are the "windmills" I mentioned near Palm Springs.


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