Saturday, March 28, 2009

Give Me Sand, Lots of Sand.... (on holiday)

In contrast to the busy geriatric highway of my last post, we have Castaways Beach
(my favourite beach).
Miles and miles of sand and sea.
Perfect.'s off leash for doggies!

Up-date on midgey bites -
one in inside corner of eye,
two on outside corner of eye,
one on entrance to left nostril,
one on ear where lobe joins
PLUS five new ones on forehead -
oh yes - my face is a pretty picture at present!
You'd never guess I was lathered in insect repellent from morning to night!

Photo: Mum and Jess, Castaways Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland - March, 2009.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Morning Meeting (on holiday)

Poor neglected Ararat Daily Photo blog.
Encroaching on BitingMidge's territory on the Sunshine Coast.
I'm sure he won't mind for a week or two.
(or maybe he does - I think he has sent the word out to his kin - coz I seem to be COVERED in midgey bites - I'm talking the soles of my feet, behind my ears and smack dab right in the middle of my forehead - very attractive!).

Anyway, early morning walk along the Noosa River.
The old dudes will mow you down if you dawdle - don't worry about the kids on their scooters!
It's a geriatric highway in the morning!

Isn't the difference in grass colour of this photo to my previous photo amazing?
2000km exists between these two points!

Photo - Noosa River - 20 March, 2009.
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