Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Is She Obsessed With Food, Or What?

It's definitely possible!
Ever since I first visited Ararat my love of food has been re-awakened.
And how could it not be - look at these mulberries!
I know I've posted this photo on my other blog but I can't help showing it here, too.
They just look soooooo good.
It was wonderful to pick these berries fresh from the tree, warm and juicy and sweet and stuff them straight into my face!

Mulberry tree, Great Western (10mins up the road from Ararat) - March, 2008


  1. The very first tree I was able to climb was along beside the railroad track and the best time to climb it was when the mulberries were ripe. I loved to eat them. My mom didn't like it though as I got stain all over me and my clothes and in those days water had to be pumped, heated on the kitchen cook stove, and poured into the washing machine, soap had to be shaved to make soap flakes and the old Maytag groaned and dripped black oil on the newspaper on the linoleum. Then mom had to pump water to fill the rinse tub and she had to run the washed clothes through the rollers and swish them around in the rinse tub and back through the rollers and out on the metal clothes line just cleaned with a damp rag. At the end of the day my stained clothes would be clean again and I would hear, "Don't climb that Mulberry tree again!"

    Your photograph, which is very good, proves my point about stain. LOL

    Thanks for coming to my blog.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville, Ohio

  2. ABRAHAM - I like your stories about "the olden days".
    I especially liked that story from around a month ago about how you slept during winter with the newspaper under your bed and snow sneaking through the windows.
    I told my husband about it the other day when he was whinging about the cold (?!) here !

    We were covered in stains that day, too!
    We must have stronger soap powder these days - all the stains came out in the wash.
    I've heard you rub a mulberry stain with a green mulberry.

  3. Sometimes I dream that I left you a comment and then I wake up and there's none! Love your photo, very scary. ;-)

  4. When I saw your photo on the portal, I zipped right over. Mmmm! Looks tasty!

  5. i have a mulberry tree in my backyard back home in adelaide! i particularly enjoy squishing them over icecream. yummy.

    great photo.

  6. Hummm! Looks delicious and succulent!

  7. You can't beat the flavour of fruit freshly picked.

  8. Hey those mulberries look even better here than on the other page!!

  9. NATALY - oh - they most certainly were!

    VFB - I told you, you live in a dream world!

    KATE - and messy! But that's half the enjoyment!

    D - oh yes - we saved some to have with ice-cream!

    SONIA - I'll pop some in an envelope and send them to you.

    KEN - we are just working our way through a crop of peaches from our tree - they are heavenly.

    CF - That's because they are bigger here!

  10. Ah, memories of childhood and picking blackberries. Wonderful! Superb photo.

  11. JILLY - Thanks!
    I don't think I've ever had a blackberry - but I think I've spied some down the road - so when they are in season - I'll have to sneak down and do some surreptitious tasting!


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