Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weird Looking Giraffes

Not strictly Ararat - certainly within the Ararat Shire Council region.
Grain storage outside Willaura - a little town about 30clicks south-west of Ararat.
This photo doesn't really capture how enormous those mounds are - I wish I'd captured something to show proportion (or is it perspective?).

Those are the Grampians in the background.

Can you see those thingys on the right of the photo - do you reckon they look like giraffes?


  1. Thank you for your link!
    I have been looking it.
    Is your town really Ararat?
    It is a mountain in a story of Noa and it is really existing :)
    Now I am hurry, but I will soon visit with a better time!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. oh Leena, now I've logged in wrong here!
    This juggling two names isn't working for me!

  4. Hey Leena - time, it's always the problem in blogworld! Too much to see, too little time!

    Yes, we are Ararat too!
    Named after the original.
    On his way through, a pastoralist in the 1840's said he rested like the ark on a hill and so called that hill Ararat.

  5. Wow, I found you (well, you lead me here...)! Great! Wonderful BIG pictures (would love to know how to do that, but the travelogues would probably become even more difficult to download...), great colours, and something new to learn about... One day, I'll post a picture of the (first) Ararat...
    Have a great week, and thanks for the visits and comments to Blogtrotter

  6. Wow! I can imagine how big those mounds are. In my part of the world everything is trucked away and put into silos.

  7. GIL - I do love a big photo! Must be because I'm as blind as a bat! It's easy to do.
    I'd love to see a photo of the real (no, you're right - the first) Ararat.

    KEN - We have silos - I dunno why they are in mounds! I don't suppose you could have mounds like this, if you had snow.


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