Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Cattle Are Lowing

They're what?
You know - lowing.
That's what it says in the Christmas Carol.
I always thought they were "a'lowing".
I've never understood the use of this word, but these cows, they look like they are doing it.

Outskirts Ararat - Feb, 2008


  1. You know, Letty, your commentary is just as good as the pictures.

    Lowing is an old-fashioned term for mooing, I think. But I like your interpretation. They seem to be lowing around, enjoying themselves.

  2. Hey Petrea - you're always so nice to me!
    NOT like some of those other Daily Photo Bloggers!!
    Only joking - they've all been nice (so far - but I'm sure I can manage to offend someone in the very near future.)
    AND...I've only been daily photoing for a little over a month and already I've fallen behind!
    It's like eyebrow plucking (for the hairy amongst us) - miss one day and that's it - you're trapped in the forest!
    Must go and try to hack my way out and then sit around and "low" for a while!

  3. Here's the secret: you don't have to shoot photos every day, you just have to post every day. So when you get a chance to shoot, take lots of photos. Save the good ones, then make sure there's a time each day when you can post.


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