Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One Moon One World

There have been so many beautiful moon photos on CDP over the last couple of days.
I love how something so primal unites us the world over, by the way it moves us all.

High St, Ararat - Easter Sunday, 23 March, 2008.


  1. Not sure what I am looking at. I am used to seeing double but not triple. I got to get my glasses changed.

    What was the hairy stuff with the sharp points yesterday?

    Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio

  2. Is this the spooky thing you're treathening us with? Because it works for me ;-)

  3. Nice picture, I took lots of pictures of the moon last few days, inspired by all the moon pictures and was thinking the same thing.

  4. ABRAHAM - it's blurry moon.

    And...yesterday's photo -
    It's an Echidna!
    A native Australian animal.
    We came across him in the bush on the week-end.
    He rolled up in a little ball and burrowed into the earth.
    Even though I have seen echidnas before, I was really struck by how hairy he was!
    Echidnas are one of only two monotremes in the world (the other is a platypus).
    A monotreme is a mammal that lays eggs.
    AND - he can use electroreception - like a shark!

  5. ISABELLA - not spooky - it will be gross.
    And it will be tomorrow.

    Are you saying the quality of my photography is scary!!??
    It is kinda!
    Blurry, crooked, trouble with the light...ah well...

  6. DENTON - yes, sometimes we forget.
    We have more in common than we have in differences.

  7. SONIA - yes! I can imagine Harry Potter swirling around in that sky!

  8. D.R. - you must show us your moon (err...OUR moon - how YOU see it!)

  9. Some would have discarded this photo but you seen the beauty in it .

    lol. I like ham sandwiches too! But you have vegemite(?).

  10. KEN - Thanks! There was just something about it.

    You bet we have Vegemite!
    I love it!
    Actually, the other day on a little drive around our local area, I came across the birthplace of the man who invented Vegemite - a place called Chute. It could hardly be called a town - it has two cows and dog wandering the streets and that's it!


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