Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mmm....more sausages!


My apologies to the vegetarians out there.

Sheep bums and Mt Langi Ghiran.

Outskirts of Ararat - Jan, 2008


  1. i've really enjoyed looking at your photos. this one in particular, is just such an australian landscape, it made me quite homesick. and the ordinary street on an ordinary day - quite beautiful!

  2. Nice photo. The sheep seemed to be walking away do you think they heard the sausage comment;)

  3. Letty, you are hilarious. Your sense of humor, combined with your wonderful photos, makes this such a great blog. I'd love this shot even if you weren't funny.

  4. Wow! Just wonderful photo! Love it!

  5. What a lovely photo. Is the grass always that colour? It looks like it has all been eaten by hungry sheep!

  6. Love the photo. I didn't know you could make sausages with lamb!

    Your photos are super.

  7. D - thanks.
    It is a very Australian photo, isn't it?
    You must miss those wide open spaces.
    And yes, there is just something appealing about the ordinary.

  8. KEN - yeah, they were a bit scared of me - I tried my best to look innocuous.

    PETREA - Aww, thanks!
    Yeah, I love a good laugh!
    My husband and I laughed our way through his cancer - it got us both through in one piece.

    SONIA - it's funny, isn't it, you just never know which photo will capture the imagination.
    Sometimes when I take a photo, I'll think it is really good one and then when I look at it on the computer I'll think - how was I so wrong!

  9. BDP - that's what colour summer grass is.
    Winter grass is usually green.
    But this is not the same Australia over - where my parents live, it is the opposite.

    JILLY - thanks!
    Oh yes - lamb and rosemary sausages.

  10. Superb herd, the sheep want to never be the stars, they often show their buttocks

  11. What your eyes see is beyond the pale, er, pail, er, roasting pan!

  12. BERGSON - Sheep buttocks - sounds funny!

    VFB - I know!
    I feel like a barbarian!

  13. I was reading from the top down, and Mmm more sausages! did seem sort of surreal combined with this photo, but made me laugh out loud nevertheless.

    Mmm sheep buttocks.

  14. CARLENE - I never thought of that!
    You're right!
    (we saw some more sheep buttocks yesterday - Vince was horrified to discover they get really gross pooy wool on their bums (do you remember me telling you the meaning of the australian colloquialism "dag"?)

  15. Do sausages come from sheep? I suppose they could, but I always thought they came from pigs.

    Are these yours?

  16. RICHARD - sausages can come from anything - you should know that - look at haggis! - it's just a weird shaped sausage!

    No way are they mine!
    I could never grow a sheep and then eat it!
    If I was a farmer, I'd be a vegetarian!


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