Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blokes & Scaffolding

Fiddling with Paintshop, of course.
These blokes are adding scaffolding to the old post office.
I dunno why.
Normally, when you see scaffolding like this, it is to clean the bricks (stones, whatever).
But this is bluestone (contrary to the nice orange in the photo!) not sandstone - you wouldn't be able to tell if it was dirty or not.

Old Post Office, Barkly St, Ararat - 19 March, 2008


  1. Your photos yesterday got me to thinking about my mom washing my mullberry stained clothes and I wrote a piece for the newspapers about it. I don't know what I could write about this picture. It is so different. This reminds me, somewhat, of the picture I put on my blog today.

    Take a picture of your car with your seated in it, going down the super highway at 65 mph.

  2. Your poor mum!
    I would have let you wear them stained!

    What is 65 mph in kmph?
    I'd run right off the road!
    I can't even change radio stations when I'm driving!

  3. Very nice. I really like the look. Maybe I should get some photo editing software.

  4. So let me get it straight: the red brick is really blue, then the blue men must really be red, the yellow tree must be green and the green pail must be yellow...Did I get it right?
    I need a drink now...

  5. Nice effects to the photograph, I'v been thinking of tinkering with photoshop but being lazy.

  6. JILLY - It does, doesn't it?
    I love a good fiddle with Paintshop.

    KEN - maybe you can get Paintshop and work out how to use it properly and then tell me!

  7. ISABELLA - a Bex powder, a nice cup of tea and a lie down (much better for you than alcoholic drink!).
    Now, why did that happen?
    Everything stayed the same colour it was originally except for those bricks on the left!

  8. D.REBEL - Hi!
    I like Photoshop because it makes those photos that you think SHOULD be really interesting (but aren't!) into something more.

  9. great job!

    no photoshop works on its own, it needs that you see something in there... and you certainly nailed it!

  10. Superb work.
    king de Painshop lives Australia; -)

  11. Aww - thanks Rafa - that makes me feel really good!
    This photo was really boring without Photoshop.

  12. BERGSON - yes, I am the king!!
    More like the courtier that irons the king's underpants!


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