Saturday, March 15, 2008

Craw! Not Craw!

See his claw?
Cool, isn't it?
It's a ball picker-uperer!
I saw a couple of home-made variations on the design, too.

Sunday afternoon at the Ararat Bowls Club, Lambert St, Ararat - Mar 2008


  1. Looks a lot like a "pooper-scooper" ;-)

  2. You weren't actually playing bowls were you???

    Love these shots of life around Ararat, makes me think of my years at Fernvale. I just love small country towns!!

    Keep 'em coming and I'll check in again when I'm back on TI. (Start again Monday).

  3. I have to admit my ignorance about this game - but it looks like it is popular.

    Keep up the good work - and, yes, I realize that this will be a challenge - perhaps being new at this daily photo thing, I don't know what I have gotten myself into!

    Oh, well - I needed a challenge!

  4. Fantastic photo. I remember sitting on the wall of a bowling green for ages one day as my 6 year old son was FASCINATED and wante dto play. Too young to have encountered bowls prejudice!

  5. ISA - BEL - LAAAAA ewwww!
    That's disgusting!
    Could you imagine doing poo patrol with a craw like that - ewwww!

  6. WOOGOON - nah, not me - but Vince wants to have a go! It's a bit like the Italian bocce, I guess.
    And yes, I am loving Ararat!
    I didn't know you were going back to Thursday Island!
    I knew you would love it there.
    Great photos - it looks absolutely amazing - can't wait to see more photos.
    BTW - it was Mum's 59th birthday yesterday - only 1 year til the big 6-0!

  7. NWGAL - very popular with your older type folk but, becoming increasingly popular with inner city groovers!

  8. SALLY - Thanks!
    It was great watching them - lots of characters (a few hard nuts).
    Quite a few varicose veins!
    I'm with your son - I think bowls would be a great sport for kids.
    I wonder why they don't play.


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