Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ark! Ark!

I walked into Safeway and saw these birds hanging from the ceiling.
I thought they were for a promotion.
It took a couple of visits for the penny to drop.
They are there to deter sparrows!


  1. It stunned me that there were sparrows flying around the ceiling there! Couldn't believe the Health Authorities hadn't made them get rid of them. Wonder if this will work? Love the photo

  2. Interesting. They use plastic owls here. I don't know if it works.

  3. What interesting photo, Letitia!

    Times ago I hang a wood bird like that on my porch to prevent the birds come into my porch and die when crashed on the glass windows. It's works!

    Have a nice Sunday!

  4. Whats the proplem with the sparrows?

  5. MUDGEE - Well... there's still sparrows in the store!
    But the same problem exists in the store we frequent in Melbourne.
    I've only seen little presents left behind once, so I'm not sure what is going on there.
    Either very efficient cleaner-uperers or constipated birds.

  6. KEN - don't the other birds get confused with the owls - ie: a nocturnal creature appearing in the harsh daylight of fluorescents?

  7. SONIA - I used to do snakes!
    Rubber snakes on the back verandah to scare the birds away and stop them pooping everywhere!

  8. UPD - the little sparrows fly into the supermarkets and set up residence.
    While you are shopping they are zooming around your head.
    You expect birds if you are at an outside market but in a supermarket it is very surprising!

  9. The spikes at the top of the sign keep birds from roosting there. Ouch.

  10. Actually I'm surprised your bowls club doesn't have one. The local one when I was a kid had one - mind you it was country Oz too. The first time I saw I was amazed "Look at that eagle just hovering....." hehe


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