Thursday, March 6, 2008

Freak Out!

She's cool, right?!
I visited the local museum yesterday - run by volunteers.
I think they get sick of cleaning the clothes on the mannequins, so they all
have heavy plastic on them (er - the mannequins that is, not the volunteers)!
Very creepy but wonderful!

Langi Morgala Museum, Queen St, Ararat - 5 Mar, 2008.


  1. Hurray! I am glad you open the comments!

    Amazing photo! Yes, a bit creepy but interesting!

  2. Sonia - I was too lonely without the comments - it was no fun (what was I thinking!?).
    I think this might be a man mannequin dressed up in lady's clothes!
    I make no judgments!
    BTW - my husband loved those amazing Theo Jansen sculptures - he was totally captivated by the video.

  3. Are they showing like this? Well that different...

  4. Very creepy, maybe its their way of cutting costs.

  5. BEN - yes! This is how they are shown!
    But it's delightful - it's a little country museum run by volunteers - many quite elderly.
    And it's chockers! Full of all kinds of stuff.
    There is something very endearing about it.

  6. I like your imagination. Great shot.

  7. PETREA - they are so brilliant I think I'll have to post more of them over at the other blog!

  8. KEN - it's just that the volunteers are kinda old and I think they find the constant dusting and cleaning, tedious (which it would be even if they weren't old!).


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