Monday, March 3, 2008


Books at the Ararat Trash & Treasure.
Don't you love the green wall?
Monthly market - held second Sunday of the month - that's this week-end.

Ararat Trash & Treasure Market, Alexandra Hall, Ararat - 10 Feb, 2008


  1. I'd like to leave myself a comment so I look a little popular.

  2. And another one.
    Mmmm - look at all those lovely books!
    And what an attractive green wall!

  3. Oh yeah - and just to say - I've had my comments turned off for a couple of weeks,
    but that wasn't any fun - so I turned 'em back on again.
    Please forgive my foolishness!

  4. I like your photos, but your comments are even better.

    You have a way with color!

    I wanted to leave comments on other photos, but was unable to leave comments further down on the blog. I particularly like the one with the white-haired folks and the pots.

    I didn't know until today there was a place in Australia called Ararat.

  5. Hey Petrea, thank you for making me feel a little bit popular (I think I must have some self-esteem issues!).

    I LOVE colour - it's the best invention ever (along with music and food)!

  6. No problem. I love it when people post on my blog, too. You go to the trouble to take the pictures, put them up and write about them. You hope someone's seeing them! You can generally expect that for every comment you get there are probably more people looking, who don't comment.
    You might try Google Analytics. It'll show you how many people visit your blog.

  7. i read somewhere, green wall attract people, so it's good to have business with green wall :)

  8. hi it's lamia..i like a lot your green wall is attractive somehow....
    Ararat's teh name of a mountain in Turkey far east in the village called "dogubeyaz─▒t" border with Armenia there is this mountain called know the story of prophet Noah..we believed that he was there in the mountain called Ararat...strange link isn't it...
    i heard last mounth that they found a connection between inkas and turks so maybe we are brothers from the veryyyyy past....
    see youuu

  9. ALAYA - I've just painted my inside house walls green - it feels very.....lush.

    BDP - oh yes - I know Noah well (Catholic School education) - I think it is wonderful we are named after the original!
    Now, I'm not sure what you are referring to re inkas (maybe the Incas in South America?). Australia's indigenous people are Kooris (or Aborigines).


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