Monday, March 17, 2008


Hunting down a good sausage is well worth the effort!
(or so I've heard!)
And these sausages from The Pyrenees Gourmet Butcher were very popular at the recent Farmers' Market.
Yes, I had one.
Yes, they were delicious.

Ararat Farmers' Market, Alexandra Gardens, Ararat - March, 2008


  1. Did they complain when you took their picture? Did you ask, or just snap? I'm always so shy of taking pictures of people.

  2. Good Monday morning, Ararat lady:)
    I could taste one sausage like this
    here still in the middle of growing snow drifts !
    Fine black and white picture especially this little one in it!

  3. PETREA - I'm becoming brazen in my old age (I used to be dreadfully shy).
    I just think - what is the worst they can say to me - "stop it"?
    And I always subscribe to the coward's theory - if it looks like there is going to be trouble, RUN AWAY!
    Or I just do what you do, pretend I'm taking a photo of a light fitting!

  4. Another shot that just turned out perfectly, its like being there. Love the next view of the sheep, thats what attracted me as I know I not a regular visitor

  5. I like this photo in Black & White color!

  6. LEENA - she's sweet, the little one.
    I like the lady on the right with the hat - her face is all screwed up - I'm not sure she likes the look of the sausages!

  7. Hey Julia,
    The sheep are very photogenic but I reckon the mountain sets them off nicely.

  8. Hi Sonia - yeah it came out alright in the B&W - I think because it is such a busy photo, colour would have made it too chaotic.


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