Monday, March 31, 2008

Too Sweet

Ain't they sweet?
Little girls talking little girl talk.
Totally engrossed in their own little world, oblivious to everything else around them.

They have their highland dancing outfits on - they performed at the Ararat Gift.

Alexandra Oval, Ararat - Feb, 2008


  1. un beau moment de vie, j'aime le choix du b&w

    A beautiful time of life, I love the choice of b&w

  2. An astonishing photograph where each group of people seem to be unaware of the different ones


  3. Effective work, beautifully seen. A strange, effective juxtaposition of people; I love it.

  4. A really nice photo, and it works especially well in black and white because of the simple tone contrasts that focus the composition. Forget all those books that tell you to put subjects centrally or "on the thirds". I really like the way that they are offset to the edge, but they are still the main subject that the eye falls on, and then goes in a nice curve round the outer edges. The little girls, as you say self engrossed in the way that kids can be, are balanced by the bunch of blokes probably talking boring camera stuff

  5. Oh thanks youse goiys, I really liked this photo too.
    Yeah Richard-all those books?
    Not likely!
    Way too technical and I'm way too impatient.


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