Sunday, March 23, 2008

Someplace else

She's concentrating very hard to make sure she hasn't forgotten any ingredients for the spectacular Easter lunch she's putting on for all the rellies.
I wish Easter was over, I wish Easter was over....

Saturday afternoon at Safeway, Ararat - 22 March, 2008


  1. Very intriguing photo, Letitia!

    Wishing to you and yours a Happy Easter!

  2. Oh, the faces on these women. How did you get this photo? Tell me, please. You have a camera in the clasp of your purse. You are very sneaky.

    Letty, I love your other blog. You are a trip and a delight. Your fab personality can't fit on one blog, so it's a good thing you have--what, three? You need at least that many. I'm so glad I met you.

    So Bernie told you about If you get an url that's too long, just go there. It's quite useful.

    Happy Easter, or whatever you celebrate tomorrow. (Today, for you.) Even if it's just life!

  3. I wish I had the guts to take my camera into the shops with me!! Oh the pics I could snap ...
    Did she scowl at you or did you manage to keep the shot a secret??? I love it!

  4. Happy Easter, Sonia.
    Did the Easter bunny visit you?

  5. PETREA - yes, three blogs!
    I'm a glutton for punishment.
    I keep telling my husband he is lucky to be married to me and my "personality", but he just sighs and looks down-trodden.

    Happy Easter to you, too!

  6. PETREA AND MELISSA - Here's what you do.....
    You point your camera in one direction while holding it around midriff height, and you turn your head and look in another direction and then you just click away.
    People are none the wiser!
    It helps if you don't have a great big honking camera.
    And as I always say - what is the worst someone can say to you - "ooo stop it"?
    If they look like they might give you a punch - run away very fast!
    Go on, be a devil - give it a go!

  7. Great photo! You really captured the moment.
    Happy Easter

  8. Isn't funny that people get so stressed out during a holiday.
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  9. Yesterday my husband and I went to Trader Joe's, a grocery store here in Pasadena. We're going to an Easter brunch today and bringing the mimosas, so we needed a bottle of champagne.

    The store was packed. PACKED! I don't know how people were navigating around the aisles. And everyone looked grim. It was worse than Christmas in a toy store.

    So we left. We found the champagne late in the evening at a crappier store.

    Letty, I'll try your camera technique for candid group shots. Very sneaky.

  10. Yes, the Easter bunnies named Sofia and Fernando, brought to me many chocolates! Hummm, so yummy!

  11. KEN - yep!
    One of life's contradictions!
    Happy Easter to you too.

    PETREA - are mimosas anything like samosas?(??!!)

    SONIA - The Easter bunny made his way here too and dropped off some chocolates - unfortunately they are nearly all gone!!!!

  12. Hmm. I'd answer that if I knew what a samosa was. Mimosa: some parts champagne and some parts orange juice. How ever many parts you want, it's up to you.


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