Monday, April 7, 2008

Yes - That Does Say Cocksfoot

I suppose every paddock needs a name(?!)

East of Ararat - March, 2008


  1. I guess the name came from somewhere, but it's an odd combination

  2. Love this photo, Letitia, with those clouds and blu sky. What is the name of the ??? on the top of the hill?

  3. I love the way the sky is so richly-coloured and fresh-looking, in contrast to the dusty brown paddock and the old rusting gate. Beautiful!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting there.

    I am not sure about faces which you described. I have enough problems with mine. LOL

    I like your photograph in all its rustic splendor. Nice work.

    Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

  5. Nice photo. The sky is amazing.

  6. Well sure it needs a name. Just like the OK Corral, or the Bar C Ranch. Cocksfoot Paddock, I get it.

    Sure is a fab photo, Letty.

  7. Letty, you're getting a mention in my post tomorrow. It'll be around 8:30 or so in the morning Pasadena time, which is Ihavenoideawhattime Ararat time. However, as I post this, it's 9:32 PM here.

  8. Okay, so you're 17 hours ahead of us. (Probably 17 hours ahead intellectually, morally, emotionally...) Anyway. So it'll be something like 1:30 in the morning Wednesday for you. I'm sure you'll be setting your alarm clock for it.

  9. OOOhhhhhh - I'm a dill.
    I DIDN'T get it.
    It took my sister who is supposedly a little Vera Vague to point it out to me.
    Cocksfoot = shape of wind turbines.
    Of course.
    I might have to have the reputation of the thick one in the family!

  10. Richard - you didn't get it either, did you?

  11. Sonia - the sky is unreal isn't it?
    Those are wind turbines - I prefer to call them giant windmills.

  12. Jellyhead - makes you wish you could fly, doesn't it?
    We have a Gliding Club here - maybe I will steel myself and jump on board one of them!

  13. OLD MAN LINCOLN - you know, the kind of face that says - "all crazy people, of course you can come and talk to me!".
    It is a rather rustic photo, isn't it? Just needs a cow.

  14. KEN - a beautiful sky.
    Big and wide and endless.

  15. PETREA - did you get the Cocksfoot/wind turbine connection?
    I'm getting a mention? - well, hello!
    I'll be jumping out of bed at 1.30am.
    I'll get my husband up too!
    (maybe.....well....perhaps 6.30am?)

  16. I think that rancher has quite a sense of humor, having everybody puzzled over the apparently superfluos distinction.

  17. This is a great photo; it really reminds me of the hills East of San Francisco (well, in the summer when it's dry here and the hills are golden). There are even windmills that look exactly like this! No place called Cocksfoot Paddock though; hysterical name! (Note: I found you through Petrea's blog!)

  18. Wasn't that nice of me?

    Not really. She was bound to find you sooner or later.

    Katie, keep reading. You're going to love Letty. She's got personality galore and it comes through her commentary. The girl can't help it!

  19. MERISI - We don't have ranchers!
    We have farmers.
    And yes, he(maybe she) is a bit of a clever dick.
    I wonder how many people see that sign and never make the connection?

  20. Hey Katie - I've heard that Australia is a lot like California.
    Cocksfoot = an example of wonderful dry, Australian humour.
    Hope you stop by and visit every now and again.

  21. P'trea : Yes, that was nice of you!
    Thanks for the good wrap - with such a build up, I hope I don't disappoint!
    (could be a big let-down)!

  22. Thank you Letitia for the answer! Wind turbines or giant windmills, they are amazing!


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