Friday, April 11, 2008

Late Season Peaches

Our backyard, Ararat - March/April, 2008


  1. A dream!
    Our peaches are about a centimetre big at the moment!

  2. Peaches in your own backyard! Amazing.

  3. What a yummy photo! I'm sure it's a bummer to realize that you're late in the peach season there, but your photo makes me very happy because for me peach season is just around the corner! You're lucky to have peaches in your back yard. I'm lucky that that are so many wonderful farmers' markets in my area, so I get my fill of fabulous peaches. Mmmmmm!!

  4. NATHALIE - our tree makes THE BEST peaches - really rich and intense in flavour.
    I hope your wait for your peaches isn't too torturous!

  5. PETREA - yes!
    Our new yard!
    Complete with old peach tree.
    We've planted some other fruit trees as well - a white mulberry, a loquat, a mandarin, a lemon and a passionfruit vine.
    This week-end we are getting a black mulberry tree from the market and Vince's uncle has grown us a white nectarine tree to plant when it's a bit colder.
    We will have fruit coming out of our ears!!!!

  6. KEN - soon will have all kinds of fruit (see above comment).
    And coming soon - a vegie patch.
    I'm really keen on growing my own potatoes (who knows why!).

  7. KATIE - yeah, but you've probably got mandarins at the moment!
    Having said that, winter fruit isn't nearly as good as summer fruit!
    Mmmmm - watermelon, mangoes, grapes, cherries....

  8. Did I see these on your other blog?
    The Flying things is an awesome pic! Gorgeous!
    Have a great weekend Letitia!

  9. I can't speak. My mouth is watering too much! ;-b

  10. Hummm! Those peaches looks delicious!


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