Friday, April 18, 2008

Wandering Around

Wandering around.

Rocks in a paddock - west of Ararat - 17 March, 2008


  1. This reminds me of these photos from the Mars Rover - especially the colour. But those trees would be having NASA jump up and down... Water!! Water!! Life on Mars!!

  2. I agree with Richard. But aren't those photos of Mars and the Moon really taken somewhere on earth;))

  3. Lovely picture, I'm sure in a place like this I would be daydreaming and Imaging too.

  4. Sure, I also agree with Richard, this photo looks Planet Mars. The color sepia is beautiful too.

  5. I like it here even better than your other site. :D

  6. A bit like the area of granite boulders around Mansfield.
    Sydney Daily Photo Turns 2 today!

  7. Beautifully different view, sepia makes it special.
    Have a "dreamy" weekend, Letitia!

  8. RICHARD - yeah. You're right!
    It is other worldly.

  9. KEN - not you, too!
    Every time something comes on the tele about the moon landing - I have to listen to my husband's rantings of how it never happened!
    Drives me crazy!

  10. DESTITUTE REBEL - And it is soooo quiet - all you can hear is the wind in the trees.
    Sometimes you will see some kangaroos hopping by.

  11. SONIA - if you look really closely, I think you can see a Martian peeking out from behind one of those rocks!

  12. RUTH - I'm such a dill!
    I'm still not quite sure how I managed to do that!

  13. SALLY - I can't remember the boulders around Mansfield - although....
    I'm reading that Peter Carey book at the moment - The True History of the Kelly Gang - and it is set in and around that country.

  14. SALLY - and congratulations!
    I hope I'm still hanging in here 1 year and 10 months down the track!
    (oh god, I've only been doing it for two months??!!)

  15. LEENA - that's EXACTLY the kind of weekend I am having.
    I have been having lots and lots of daydreams lately.
    I've got a million ideas.
    I hope I live to about 200 so I can fit them all in!

  16. No problem for my small gaps in English
    You can even propose corrections as the others

  17. Ah you see great minds think a like;)

  18. BERGSON - and you can correct my French!

    MERISI - it wasn't actually hot!
    It wasn't exactly cold, but there was a cool breeze and I had my winter boots on (makes picking my way through the dry grass more comfortable than thongs - and I'm not so scared of getting a snake bite).

    KEN - what kind of minds??!!

  19. The only reason the US is proposing a manned mission to Mars is that digital enhancement/manipulation has reached the point where it is now feasible. Hell, even I could do a Moon landing these days


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