Sunday, April 13, 2008

Poley Trees

It's not all dry paddocks around here.
This is Mount Cole.
We got bogged up here last weekend.
What fun!

UPDATE: Please excuse poor syntax.

We got bogged, -- up here (ie: on the mountain) -- last weekend.
NOT - we got bogged up.

Mount Cole - about 20 mins out of Ararat - April, 2008


  1. Bogged? Please explain. I've often been bogged down, but never bogged up. I've even been in a bog (more than once, Scottish you know) but this doesn't look like bog country to me

  2. RICHARD - you know!
    When your car wheels get stuck in something soft (mud, sand, etc.)
    What do you call it?

    Yes, I've heard about your bogs - isn't that where they find mummified people?

  3. This picture seems to be a complete contrast to Cocksfoot Paddock!

  4. Yes, the same as Richard, I've heard of bogged down but not bogged up. But I can glean the meaning. I like the poley trees.

  5. I'll have to remember bogged up the next time I'm bogged down;)

  6. Any photos of the bogged up (down) vehicle ? That would be fun!
    (the expression didn't bother me, but I love the expression poley trees. English is such a fantastic language for creating new words.

  7. MUDGEE - Yes, especially considering they must be less than 10km from one another.

  8. PETREA - oh - it's my poor syntax.
    I don't mean "bogged up", I just mean "bogged".
    Is that what you guys call it when your car gets stuck?

  9. KEN - even though "bogged up" is a term I seem to inadvertently invented - it seems a reasonable description.
    A bit like "all gummed up".

  10. I use "bogged down" for situations when my mind's confused, or when I get mired under paperwork. When my car gets stuck, I call it "stuck."

  11. NATHALIE - did you ever see the humungous tapestry at the Great Hall at Parliament House in Canberra?
    A beautiful representation of the Australian bush, specifically poley trees.

    No photos of the bogging (kicked myself after for not thinking of it).
    It would have been especially funny because my elderlyish and infirm parents-in-law were trying to push the car!!!

  12. LOVE these trees! Wonderful photo!

  13. gorgeous photo, lovely landscape...

    lol @ bogged up, bogged down :)

  14. Safer to avoid bogged altogether.

    I suggest

    "Our car was rendered immobile by soft undersoil, making traction impossible and forward/reverse motion futile (up or down)"

    Should keep everyone happy

  15. SONIA - I wish I could remember what they were called - it begins with "m".

  16. D - And the smell (odour/fragrance?)
    is sublime - mountainy, eucalyptusy, earthy.

  17. RICHARD - oh yes, definitely.
    That sounds exactly like something that would come out of my mouth!

  18. Don got bogged up chasing a chick around last evening. We took three outside for an outing and for photos, and suddenly, right when Don walked away, one of 'em starting tearing off like a banchee! I freaked! Yelled, Don! He came running and chasing said chick, who hid and hid very artfully behind trees, sticks, rocks. Finally Don caught him (before Bishop, thank god), but his good shoes were covered in mud, weird slimy oily mud. I don't want to know what it was.

    Are these poley trees deciduous? Or are they piney?


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