Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Dandelion, A Broken Window, My Dog and His Ball and Graffiti

Resting in the shade of the disused club rooms on the sports oval at Kokoda Park, McLellan St, Ararat - 19 March, 2008


  1. That's far better tha the graffiti I posted the other day!

  2. Your dog is having lots of fun by the look of it!

    Thanks for visiting on my Blogbirth Day!

  3. Howdy AraratDP,
    My first visit; at least I think it is?
    I was reading that little exchange of words from across the waters, just now and just thought that I would say that your sentiments were expressed rather nicely. Perhaps translations can convey different meanings that we can't see coming. Je ne sais pas.
    I think you tried most sincerely.

    Love your photos. Best regards, MB

  4. And this is a photo as it would have been taken by the UK Beagle mission to Mars (It crash landed...)

  5. KRIS - it's just about the ONLY graffiti in town!

  6. SALLY - considering he's the equivalent of a 60 year old human, he is incredibly energetic.
    I don't think anyone has told him, how old he actually is!

  7. M.BENAUT - Je ne sais pas, too!
    I guess, it was just a case of lost in translation.
    Fortunately, we seem to have sorted ourselves out!
    And it means I get to try out some rusty high school French.
    Thank you for the encouraging words, they are appreciated.

  8. RICHARD - I remember!
    I felt soooo sorry for the team who worked on it - I'll never forget their shattered faces on the tele.

  9. So you have a below par man count too? Just had a nosy at your photos, wuite a good set of posts you got, a senses of humour( not all bloggers have) and a really cute dog.

    Thanks for visiting and bringing me here.

  10. Thats a lot of things in one photograph, Great shot.

  11. BABOOSHKA - I think I might have got that back to front!
    We have more blokes than girls.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  12. DESTITUTE REBEL - I forgot; long grass, peeling paint and sun spots!

  13. SONIA - thanks - it's great to be out and about at the moment - the weather is perfect!


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