Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What's the Collective Noun for These Flying Things?

A hover of trout,
a knot of toads,
a pod of walruses (walrii?),
who's responsible for these descriptions?!!!

A swat of flying things, Warrak Recreation Oval (approx. 15mins south-eastish of Ararat) - April 6, 2008


  1. Looks like the rush hour of local insects. If I had to choose an interesting photo, your photo today would be the one I selected. I find it just flat-out fascinating.

    Please, whatever you do, don't visit my blog today (Wednesday) as I lost my mind, I think owing to medicine from my hospital stay, and posted some really gross stuff.

    Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio

  2. For this one I would like to suggest " A bloody nuisance of...". Can be reused for others of the same ilk like the Scottish Midge (damn bloody nuisance..)

    Yes - who is in charge of these.. some are very obscure. I've always liked "a murder of crows" - you couldn't make that up, could you

  3. OLDMANLINCOLN - thanks - they look pretty, don't they?
    On the other front.
    TOO LATE!!
    I've already visited!!
    I'm sure it's just an aberration.
    Once I posted a photo of a bruise on my bum!
    And another time I posted a photo of a dog bite on my bozom.
    We are all entitled to lose our minds occasionally.

  4. RICHARD - oh, I've heard about those Scottish midges!
    Nasty little buggers.
    At least you can't get malaria from them (can you?!).
    Those collective nouns drive my husband crazy (and he in turn, me).
    In fact, the whole English language drives him crazy.

  5. See, now I have to go straight over to Old Man Lincoln's after I search the archives hear for Letty's bruises.

    This photo is, technically speaking, a buzz of buggers.

  6. Buzz of buggers -- that's perfect Petrea! They do look rather annoying. This is such an amazing photo; how on earth did you capture them so clearly??

    I look forward to checking out your archives of photos; maybe I'll see a knot of toads!

  7. Brilliant photo, I'm enjoying your blog as always!

  8. PETREA - did you see old man lincoln's blog?
    Gro -o -o -o os!
    I think he's spaced out on cough drops at the moment.

    And I DO like that - a buzz of buggers.

  9. KATIE - there was a whole big swarm of them - I just held the camera in the air and let it do it's own thing.
    (you can tell I'm a real technical photographer, can't you??!!).

  10. NATHALIE - thanks Natalie.
    It's suffering a little from neglect at the moment.
    But I do get a lot of joy out of doing it!

  11. I was afraid to look. I'll go if you think I should, but it'll be on your head if I have bad dreams.

  12. Clock.
    Blue sky.
    Okay, well, it didn't really show in the picture and I didn't read the copy because I was scared he'd gross me out!
    Actually, it's a pretty good close-up. Abe is a great photographer and a brave man.

  13. lol :) I'm partial to, "A bloody nuisance of..."

  14. Did we establish what they are? Mosquitos? In that case, it's a "mob of muzzies"!
    (HA! And you thought I did not speak Australian!)

  15. You suffering from neglect???? Oh no!!! Never that.

  16. An amazingly good macro photo. I have considering tacking a similar photo of swarming insects but always cringe at the idea of getting close to the swarm.


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