Monday, April 14, 2008

Lone Piper

Friday night was a miserable night.
Cold and drizzly.
Residents of Ararat - young and old, big and small, infirm and bursting with life, showed up to participate in the Relay for Life to raise funds for cancer research.
Seems every person you speak to has been touched by cancer.
Cancer sucks - taint no other word for it.
(V. and I have copped a few hidings from it in our lives).
The lone piper did a half lap in the rain - those mournful bagpipes calling up memories of those who lost their battle against the insidious beast.

I don't often swear but cancer deserves it!
Let's kick this fecker to the curb!
Donations gratefully accepted

Alexandra Oval, Ararat - 11 March, 2008

Also the anniversary of the passing of both my grandmothers - 2000 and 2004.
Hey Nan, hey Grandma - do you get the internet there?


  1. Nice post to reflect on cancer and its terrible wrath. I agree with you that we need to dumn the shuttin cancer to hull!

  2. Bravo for Ararat support of the Relay for Life event.

  3. I think it touches everyones life. We do the Terry Fox run here every year to support the cause.

  4. Great cause to be projecting, cancer is something that effects everyone in someway or the other and more needs to be done to fight it.

  5. Wow, a lot to take on board here. It's not appropriate to inject a frivolous note here, but I've always thought that if/when I have to confront something like cancer myself I will do it in full rage, with the bagpipes blaring.

  6. DON - that's an interesting New Zealand accent you've got there.

  7. DENTON - I was a bit slack really - I didn't pull an all-nighter like some people did.

  8. KEN - yeah - I don't think I've ever met anyone who has had it come avisiting in one form or another.

  9. DESTITUTE REBEL - I'm glad my husband had cancer in the 21st century and not the early 1900's. He'd be a dead 'un now.

  10. RICHARD - that's curious.
    I wonder if that would be the best course of action.
    When spending my days at the cancer hospital, it was interesting to watch the different approaches adopted by different people.
    People with seemingly inconsequential cancers popped off quite quickly, then people like Vince who had it in everywhere - brain, bones, spinal cord - managed to hang around.
    I always believed the attitude with which you approached cancer made all the difference.
    Now I'm not so sure.

  11. FF - I think that was my point. FIGHT! Nothing scared anyone as much as the bagpipes

  12. I'm so glad you linked to Freefalling here. I like that blog, too and wasn't sure where I'd put it.

  13. RICHARD - nooo.
    I mean, I don't think it matters if you fight.

    I love a bit of bagpipe action.
    A very stupid musical instrument but I love it none the less.
    I especially love the ukelelean bagpipes (ummm, just in case you thought I was real thick - uilleann)

  14. PETREA - hmmm... that may or may not be a good thing.
    You might get a fuller picture of me and it may drive you away!!!

  15. No, I've already lurked there a bit. You sent it to me to see pictures of you in hats. I like it. How could I not like knowing more about you? Silly.


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