Thursday, April 3, 2008

Morning Walk

Old dude walking his dog - early morning.

Down near Alexandra Hall, Lambert St, Ararat - March, 2008


  1. Even though this could be anywhere, it just looks so...Australian to me.

    p.s. Again, you are a wonderful photographer!

  2. Nice photo, Letitia! Love the color and atmosphere!

  3. Is that the Ararat telephone exchange in the background or a space ship appearing? ;-)

  4. Lol at the space ship, Nice picture.

  5. CARLENE - Awww thanks!
    It certainly is fun getting out and about and pointing the camera (or in this case, sort of flinging it in the general direction).
    I wonder what it is that makes it Australian - must be the gum trees (or is it the hat that man is wearing?).

  6. SONIA - Early morning - everything feels fresh and new!

  7. BITINGMIDGE - I knew someone would ask me about that thing.
    I know it has something to do with fire fighting exercises and competitions!!!??
    I haven't quite figured out exactly "how", yet.

    DES.REBEL - Thanks!
    You know what they say about spaceships and lonely country towns!

    KEN - Yeah, that's how they turn out when you are trying not to be obvious and have the camera down by your leg.


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