Thursday, February 7, 2008

Raging Torrent

Okay, okay - it's less than a trickle and yes, it's a drain.
I must have been carrying around those last couple of posts from
Richmond Upon Thames DP in my head, cause I followed my
camera and found myself here.
Hardly compares with the Thames (or even the River Brent at low tide)
but it is quite a pretty drain.

Moore St, Ararat - Feb 2008.


  1. Yes, it's a very pretty drain. Well done.

  2. Crikey, Rain?
    Or just perspiration ?
    It rained in Aldgate last night but nothing in the rain gauge. That's just our luck.
    Hope you get a drop soon.

  3. Come on, you bugger, the moment we wade in, you'll turn on the water!

  4. Well, I'm no expert on drains, but I guess it's cute to another drain ;-)

  5. Hee hee ..... still grinning at that 'raging torrent'....

    YES, it is indeed a most attractive drain.

  6. HAHAHA! What a beautiful and lovely looking drain! LOL

    I have one of those behind my property!


    Guelph Daily Photo, My Photos.

  7. 40º C in the shade (or so I imagine ;) and that's all the water you've got to wade in? Sizzles!

  8. JILLY - as far as drains go - it's not too bad. I've seen a lot worse.

    MB - Fingers crossed - we've had a few spits over the last coupla days.

    VFB - ah, you know me too well!

    ISABELLA - there are some very stinky ones out there!

    JELLY - I haven't seen it flowing yet!
    You haven't been washed away with all that rain in your part of the woods, have you?

    PAT - I hope your drain has never overflowed.

    FB - it's cool today - heavenly. Only about 20C. We've got some other water out at the lake or the local swimming pool or as I like to do, stick my feet in a bucket of cold water.


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