Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Click Go The Shears

We are in sheep country (formerly gold country).
These shearing sheds are dotted all around the outskirts of Ararat.
Good thing shearing season isn't in the middle of Summer.
Can you imagine how hot it would be in one of those metal boxes at 40 degrees (106F)?
And how smelly?
And how many flies?
Errr - shudder.

Outskirts of Ararat - Jan, 2008


  1. 106C inside?! Much too warm. Quite the color contrasts, looks warn. We finally warmed up to -6C this morning.

  2. Clever sheep, wearing their warmest coat in winter! :-)
    Did I tell you that my parents actually had sheep? (Yes, I know how to shear them!)

  3. I can imagine... but it's very interesting building!

  4. Hi digger, I just saw your post on the portal. Welcome to the CDPB world, I'm sure you'll like it here :).

    If it's 40 C outside, inside must be an inferno.

    Nice blog format, btw, with great looking large photos. :)


  5. Great warm colours in this photo. Interesting to read of the sheep shearing.


    Guelph Daily Photo, My Photos.

  6. DUSTY LENS - mmmm...-6C.
    That sounds delightful!

    VFB - I'd like to see that!
    You shearing a sheep!
    What kind of sheep did they have?

    SONIA - it IS an interesting building , isn't it?
    Made up of old bits of roofing iron.

    FB - Thanks! 40C is hot in an air-conditioned building - I reckon that shed could kill a man in the middle of summer!
    And thanks re format - I like photos BIG! I like to see everything!

    PAT - My grandfather was a shearer (and a couple of uncles) - tough job! I, however, would be hard pushed to identify the front of the sheep from the back of him!

  7. Kind of sheep?
    Woolly ones, I'd guess!
    My parents got them to feed on the grass in the orchard.
    Does knowing imply actual doing,
    asks Merisi


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