Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Local Round-Up

A choice selection of news.
The local paper, The Ararat Advertiser
has a photo of residents receiving
their free compact fluorescent light bulb from
the Ararat Energy Savers Project (hey, how come I didn't get one?
Probably coz I was too lazy to go and get it!).
And a 30-50% off HomyPeds sale at the local chemist!
Can't ask for fairer than that!

Ararat Newsagency, Barkly St - Feb, 2008


  1. Fantastic photo today! Lots of news there!


    Guelph Daily Photo, My Photos.

  2. Hi FF - can't visit here daily, but I'll be dropping in now and then.

    I was amused by the headlines, laid out neatly,and in no particular order of importance. (Hillary gets a backs eat) Reminded of the old joke about English regional journalism.

    "Read all about it - MAN BITES DOG - full details inside!! (also - germany invades poland) "

    (Yes, some poeple have never heard these jokes)

  3. What a wonderful idea for a photo!

    I won't be long - I'm heading your way to beat you to the Homi-Ped sale.

  4. A lot of trees bit the dust here ;-)

    I get my news online - that way I control the content!

    And still get my coupons ;-)

  5. PAT - Oh yes, Australians are big new hounds.

    RICHARD - don't tell everyone you can't visit daily! You're supposed to say - Ararat is so fascinating you can't keep away! I love regional newspapers, they have the best stories. Last month, there was a story about a car having four caps stolen off its tyre valves.

    JH - I can't say I've ever tried out a pair of Homy-Peds, but at 50% off....

    ISABELLA - We don't get coupons! I'm always hearing on US TV shows about people clipping coupons. I'm a bit disappointed we don't have them, I DO enjoy a bargain.

  6. You weren't too lazy to get the energy saving lightbulb, you were just conserving (your) energy!


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