Friday, April 3, 2009

Theme Day - Yellow (still on holiday)

It's yellow, right?
Very cool shop in Yandina.

And I bought something yellow from there too.

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Yandina, Sunshine Coast, Queensland - March, 2009.


  1. One of my (many) cousins tootled across from near Horsham to Ballarat and discovered a odds and sods type shop in a side street, half antiques the other half collectables/junk.
    Owned and run by an elderly lady - couldn't give me some directions for when I pop up there soon, could you?
    My cousin forgot the street name, etc, lol

  2. Okay, apparently I LOVE the Gigi Bazaar, and I totally would have bought that exact thing.

  3. ooo I do love that tapestry. The design is way cool.

  4. Jayne - what, what, what?????
    A store I don't know about???
    Where is it, where is it???
    Seriously, give your cousin a good shake and a slap and bring her to her senses!

  5. Carlene - when you come to visit, we will go there.
    Although....since I visited it last week, the Sunshine Coast has been inundated by rain - it's possible The Gigi Bazaar has been washed away!

  6. Julie - it IS cool, right?
    I feel a collection coming on.

  7. I seriously need some thrift store shopping time. In NYC I didn't even think of it! Back home tomorrow, and it's raining now, so too late.

    That needlepoint is very very cool. Is that what you got?

  8. Ruth - you should know!!!
    It's never too late for a bit of op shopping!!
    Yeah - I got it - but everyone at my house hates it!
    (I say, tough titties).

  9. Kris - I'm not sure what the proper term is - I know it's not cross-stitch.
    Is there such a thing?

  10. What is that lady model standing, she is so slim!

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