Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hey Youse Guys - Over here!! (ADP on holidays)


You'll never guess what they are standing in a paddock of.
Go on, guess.

(no, it's not marijuana)
It's ginger!

Photo: Sunshine Coast, Queensland - March, 2009


  1. Onions?

    I loved your comment on sleekness. I responded.

  2. These guys are up to their chest in this greenery so my guess is that it is already about 5 feet tall. There is maybe a hint of a flower in the LH bottom corner. It doesnt appear to have a flower or a seed that could be harvested. It might have a rhizome but then the above ground part of that sort of plant is not usually this plentiful. I am left thinking that this greenery is itself what is harvested. It is not any hay that I am familiar with.

    I know ... it is a bamboo farm that harvests the greenery, freezes it and exports it to the mountains of southern China to feed the pandas.

    Close ... ?

  3. Julie - yeah it is rather tall.
    I didn't realize it grew this big.
    How about a hint?
    You could smell it.

  4. Eucalyptus oil is from a tree.
    Tea tree oil is from a ... tree ...

    It is not lavender and I think QLD is not the right climate anyway.

    I dont think this is directly edible. I think it is made into something or something is made from it.

    Come to think of it ... these guys are standing in a very sus position. Nary a hand in sight. Were they caught short?

  5. Is it lemon grass?

    Hilariously funny image!!! :-)))

  6. I was going to guess tobacco.

  7. Julie - they do look a little suspect, don't they?
    I love the guy with the fag.
    think more tropically.

  8. Merisi - they looked so happy standing in that paddock.
    They were doing the weeding.
    Lemongrass is kinda close.

  9. Is it ginger?

    I love Australian candied ginger, the best in the whole wide world! *yammy*

  10. YAY Merisi!!
    You're right!

    I had never seen ginger growing like this before - I was surprised how dense and tall it was.
    But the aroma was unmistakable.
    It smelt heavenly.

  11. But but but ... ginger is a root ... now I really AM suspicious ... they were wee-ding a root ... yeah! Right!!! ... they actually look like three very satisfied drongos ... or maybe just queenslanders ...

  12. Julie - yeah BUT....
    roots gotta have leaves.
    At first I thought, that can't possibly be ginger - but we were on our way to the Ginger Factory in Yandina and of course, they had lots of photos of ginger "crops".
    It's true!!!
    I'm not pulling your leg.
    You ask Peter - he'd live just down the road from here.

  13. GINGER! Wow.

    I thought it looked like bamboo too, just the leaves.

    And what do I know about Australian onions?

  14. Now I have a craving for that fantastic candied ginger from Australia - and none around here.
    At least back home in the States, I'd know where to go buy some. I may have to mail order it from Williams Sonoma. ;-)

  15. Australian Crystallized GingerThis product is no longer available. Continue shopping at Williams-Sonoma

    No more! :-(

    "Only the best Australian ginger, young and tender, is selected for our crystallized ginger. The ginger is first steeped in a series of sugar syrups, then dusted with granulated sugar. Eat it as is, use it in baking or dip it in tempered chocolate to create a delightful after-dinner sweet. 16-oz. tin. "

  16. Thank you,
    that is such a kind offer, but I think that is really asking way too much! I can quite vividly recall the taste of that fantastic ginger. Sadly, all the fresh ginger root I can find here is from China. Maybe I should get into importing from Australia? ;-)

    Thank you for being such a kind and generous visitor to my blog - I feel guilty about not being able to keep up with replying to comments. Unfortunately time management most of the time means either posting or answering comments. And then there are the many beautiful blogs and kind people like you whom I also love to visit every now and then! :-)

  17. Sheryl - there used to be a lot of sugar cane grown around the Sunshine Coast - most of it has disappeared.
    Urban sprawl!!!


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