Saturday, March 28, 2009

Give Me Sand, Lots of Sand.... (on holiday)

In contrast to the busy geriatric highway of my last post, we have Castaways Beach
(my favourite beach).
Miles and miles of sand and sea.
Perfect.'s off leash for doggies!

Up-date on midgey bites -
one in inside corner of eye,
two on outside corner of eye,
one on entrance to left nostril,
one on ear where lobe joins
PLUS five new ones on forehead -
oh yes - my face is a pretty picture at present!
You'd never guess I was lathered in insect repellent from morning to night!

Photo: Mum and Jess, Castaways Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland - March, 2009.


  1. OUCH! Sounds terrible. Black flies are soooo annoying.

    I loved the movie clip, one of my all time favorite movies, and favorite scenes. Such brilliant writing!!! And thank you for connecting it with my post, that was also brilliant, and I hadn't thought of it.

    I added "Parenthood" to my favorite movies list on my Profile - how did I forget it there??

    I need to see it again, I'll add it to my Netflix queue. "I was at Woodstock!" "I thought you looked familiar!"


  2. such a stunning shot. i do hate the black flies though

  3. They ARE ouch, Ruth!
    And I am a very big whinger.
    If I am suffering, I like to make sure everyone knows it!!

  4. Thanks Julie.
    It's hard to take a bad shot on this beach - it's just beautiful.

  5. OUCH!
    But the beach makes up for it, doesn't it? :P

  6. Wow! Wonderful photo!

    I also hate the black flies.

  7. Come down south. Lovely beaches, and too cold for biting insects.

    [Too cold to swim too, but hey, the Great White's will eat you if you do anyway.]

  8. Sonia - thank you.
    It was a glorious morning.

  9. Kris - I'll never forget the first time I took a dip in the ocean in Victoria.
    It was a shock to the system.
    It hadn't occurred to me that not all water was as warm as the water in Queensland.

    Don't talk about sharks - I'm becoming increasingly paranoid.

  10. That photo is gorgeous! I've never seen the ocean (I live in landlocked Nebraska, USA) and am so jealous! Sorry about your bug bites!


  11. Kristina - get ye to a beach IMMEDIATELY - it will change your soul!!


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