Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let's Blow This Joint

The road out of town.
Still waiting for rain.
Think those sheep might be off to market.

Photo: East of Ararat towards Mt Langi Ghiran - March, 2009.


  1. I agree that this is incredibly dry; but my eye still finds scenes like this very beautiful.

    I like how you have taken this photo.

  2. Slipping into the vernacular...
    "She's as dry as a dead dingo's donger" !

  3. Thanks Julie.
    I prefer the dry land to the lush land.

  4. Jayne - and it's getting COLD!!!!!
    "Cold as a witch's".
    1.2 degrees the other night!!

  5. As long as they're not dressed as lamb, I'll cope.

  6. I love this "moving" picture quite a lot!

  7. Hi there, I have just visited your blogs for the first time. The images are terrific. I will be popping by more often.

  8. Merisi!!!
    Your face!!
    Your face!!
    So wonderful to see it!

  9. Thanks J.E. - enjoy your Sweet Wayfaring enormously.
    Love those little country towns (or rather, townettes).
    Catcha round the traps.

  10. Oh shucks,
    I thought it would go away when I changed the profile picture! :-(

    "Go out,
    and take a picture,
    dear Miss L.!"

  11. Merisi - I'm going! I'm going!

  12. Just found you blogs last night. Woke up with sore eyes from back reading all entries of all blogs.
    You now reside in my bookmarks between The Sartorialist and DesignSponge. You've made the Bigtime now ,Baby!
    inspired story, gorgeous photos

  13. Hey Minnie!
    Geez, you're keen!!
    Yeah - I got a few blogs on the go!
    (and I can feel another one brewing)
    I feel very privileged to be in such esteemed company.
    Where's your blog??!!

  14. Love this road photo, Letitia! The color of the bush is beautiful, even though waiting for rain...

  15. "Trickle down approach" = skinny rations.

    You take exceptional landscape shot of Australia but post infrequently keeping your avid readers on a short leash.

  16. Sonia - I missed this comment!
    Autumn is nearly over and still no rain.

  17. Julie - ohhhhhhhhh.
    It's an attitude I choose to employ in all facets of my life - treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen.

  18. Still so dry - heartbreaking. The thing I loved most about our recent trip to Europe was the colour I remember from years ago....GREEN, GREEN, GREEN!


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