Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Old Surfer Dude (ADP on Holiday - um...that doesn't mean I'm the old surfer dude)

Walking down Hastings St.
Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Qld.
March, 2009.


  1. The sun and the surf has not been kind to him, has it?

    I gather you are enjoying this extended break. I would not have picked Noosa as your style of the woods ...

  2. Julie - yeah! Considering he is only 24!

    I'm actually home again now, but I had stacks of photos.
    We were in Noosa to get together with all the family to celebrate my mum's 60th birthday.
    Coz I grew up just "up the road" from the Sunshine Coast, my family has been holidaying there for 60 years - when it was just little shacks and guest houses and swampy land.
    At first, the amount of development is overwhelming but then the natural beauty of the beaches and rivers and hills takes over and all the buildings and people and shops just fade away.

  3. He seriously needs to moisturise :P

  4. Burnt Siena.
    How do you know his age?????

    Do I deliver?
    Yes! How would you like to have your coffee? Mit Schlag? ;-)

  5. Hi Letitia!I see you have been too busy... no wonder you had no time to
    Blogtrotter, which is showing you Brasilia... ;)).
    Enjoy and have a great and long Easter weekend!

  6. Jayne - Lizard skin.
    It's a fashion accessory up Queensland way.

  7. Merisi - He showed me his driver's licence!!

    I wish someone would bring me some coffee right this minute.
    Of course, mit schlag - and lots of zucchero!

  8. Oh Gil - you should know me better!
    I'm very sneaky.
    Of course, I've visited your Brasilia!


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