Monday, July 7, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Drive

Another one of those RMBs (Roadside Mail Boxes).
This one's a big'un!
They must get some sort of tractor part in the mail.
(I notice there is an empty beer bottle in there).

Wallaloo, upish and leftish of Ararat on the map - 6 July, 2008


  1. Pretty lbox letters, the factor can take which sweat fruits soon

  2. Beautiful sky, weathered box. Lovely shot, Letty. I like the sweep of the road. Plus, everybody needs a place to keep their empties.

  3. Amazing photo! Loved the heavy sky and the plant on the background(it's some kind of agave?)

  4. I LOVE this scene! Those flowers/plants are CRAZY. And awesome box.

  5. Hi Letitia! This month promises to be even more hectic than the already chaotic previous ones! Anyhow, a blogging break is absolutely needed to balance the atmosphere. So here I am enjoying your blog and the lovely pictures you post!
    Meanwhile Blogtrotter has now posted my 401st post (on Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA)! Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

  6. Thank you for your visit to my blog and for the comment you left me about Rheumatoid Arthritis and the MTX and the problems your family have had.

    I am thinking I will not take any more MTX as the side effects are suppression of the immune system and at my age and with my health problems I don't need that. And all sorts of other problems. You can also get Crohn's Disease when taking MTX as a side effect. In fact there is a long list of diseases and side effects. Just too many for me to take the risk.

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments.
    I'm sorry I've been MIA lately.
    Sometimes my brain just wanders off on me!
    But I always find my way back!

  8. Maybe there's a message in that bottle, "High and Dry"? :-)


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