Friday, July 18, 2008

Pope Fever

The Pope is here!
Well, not here HERE, but 1000km away in Sydney.
And if I have to hear one more word about him in the media,
I think my ears will bleed!
He's attending World Youth Day (primarily a catholic thing),
and some local kiddies have gone along.

March, 2008


  1. He is a very attractive man, the pope.


    In a Monty Burns kind of way.

  2. Kris! I'm not sure that I can cope with that thought.

    But I'm really intrigued by the photo, with the bell tower so overwhelming the scale of the church. Nicely shot!
    Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

  3. Well Sydney can keept he Pope and we'll keep this most beautiful photo. Brilliant sunflare.

  4. KRIS - I think you're being kind.
    He DOES have nice red shoes.

  5. BITING MIDGE - yes, I wish I could remember how I took that, so I could do it again!

  6. Thanks Babooshka.
    I read about a creature from your part of the world today -
    A Manx Loaghtan Lamb.
    You got one of those in the backyard?

  7. The Pope is indeed here - would that he weren't. We are in total lockdown. And then this arvo 200,000 way-happy pilgrims have to wander back through here to try to find where the bloody driver stashed their bus.

    Grr ... I blame it all on Goof-ball-Morris.

  8. Two of my children went to Rome in 2000, when WYD was held there. They came away with many beautiful memories of the kindness of strangers: Romans who made sure the more than one million young people were as comfortable as possible, opening their homes and larders, and young people from all over the world who did no harm to anybody, even though the professed something so oldfashioned as faith, may it be catholic or not.

  9. I'm sure the Pope will like this picture as much as I do.


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