Saturday, July 19, 2008

They Call Him Norval, Norval - The Dam

They don't care that it's the middle of winter,
they just wanna go for a swim and a roll in the mud.
Exploring Norval Dam, the local swimming hole.

Norval Dam, off the Ararat-Moyston Rd - 19 July, 2008.


  1. Love that photo! Looks your dear dogs had a fun time!

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Yes, I can imagine - baths all round when you got back. Dead tree in the middle of the dam.

    Let me guess: the sign says "No swimming - dam toxic".

  3. Sonia - They had a ball!
    Gypsy found some duck poo to roll in!

  4. JULIE - I think it's just dead coz its roots are flooded.
    There is a sign that says you can't take you horses for a swim in the dam.

  5. PETREA - yes they are!!!
    The beach, the dam, the bush, the park - you name it, they will have rolled in unspeakable things there.

  6. Dogs doing what they love best. Lovely scene. Hope you haven't got white carpets!

  7. JILLY - No fear!!
    Brown floorboards - hides a multitude of sins!


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