Friday, June 20, 2008

I Like Chinese

Every country town of a certain size has one, right?
They are as ubiquitous as the country pub and CWA.
They hold a special place in the psyche of rural Australia.
I like to let some of that love come my way, coz I reckon in some small way I contributed to that affection.
OH SHUT UP! I know - I'm totally ridiculous.
But I am 1/16th Chinese, you know?!
And my great, great grandfather WAS a Chinese pioneer of our country.
It may be tenuous, but it's all I got!

The Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant, Barkly St, Ararat - June, 2008


  1. Hi Letitia! Sorry for having taken so long to get back here again. Another hectic week...
    You say that «every country town of a certain size has one»? Should come to Portugal and see that every neighbourhood in every average city has one... ;) Macau's influence, I presume!!
    Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, still in Santiago de Compostela, now inside the Cathedral… Hope you enjoy, and have a nice weekend!

  2. I woke up thinking of you this morning.

  3. My neighbor across the street is from Australia. It's a joke in America that when you meet someone from Australia you say, "I know someone from Australia! Do you know so-and-so?" It's always someone from Sidney or Melbourne, and of course those are big towns. Australia's a big country. The Aussie you've just met groans because they've heard this a million times.

    So I've never done that to Kerry, but tonight we were at a neighbor's party, and everyone was doing it to her. And of course she was groaning. So I said, "I know someone from Ararat." And Kerry brightened up because her family's from...well I thought she said "Beaufort," but now I can't find it on the map. A small town near Ararat, she said. Do you know anyone in the Tiley family?

  4. PETREA - You must have psychotic, you know - ESP!!!

    OH MY GOD - on the other side of the world and you know a person who lives a hop skip and a jump from Ararat!!!
    "Beaufort" is exactly right - maybe it's too small to be on the map.
    But it's got about 1000 people.
    You can go here to see what it looks like -

    Because I've only a resident of Ararat for 6 months, I know lots of faces but can't match them up with the names. But all the people I work with are locals - so I'm going to check with them on Monday if I know the Tileys!
    Wouldn't that be weird if I did.
    Once again - you must be psychotic or something?

  5. Okay, amazing, I was sure I must be wrong.

    I don't have Kerry's email address (why should I, she lives across the street?) but I have her husband's. I'll send him the link to the photos of Beaufort. I know he's been there, but he's actually from Canada. They ended up here in Pasadena because he's a scientist at the Jet Propulsion Lab (yup, rocket scientist). Kerry's a fashion designer and she works in downtown Los Angeles.

    I think she's going to be amazed.

    I'm not psychotic, I'm psychic. Jeez Louise.

  6. Good to see those prawn crackers there. Do they eat prawn crackers in China, or is that really an Australian thing?

  7. PETREA - oh yes you are!

    KRIS - Look how many there are!
    Like there's going to be some kind of world wide prawn cracker shortage.


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