Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I'm going to get expelled from the Daily Photo group if I don't get my act together!!
Feeling the need for some wide open spaces.
I think a drive in the bush is called for tomorrow.

Just outside Ararat - March, 2008.


  1. I simply adore views like this. We get such a surfeit of greenery and beaches - this is plain stark. Very beautiful

  2. Arid beauty.

    Wish I was going for that drive with you tomorrow (instead of on an excursion with 100 squealing Prep class children!)

  3. I'd like a drive, too. Take some pics, please.

    If it's too much to blog every day, you can still freefall. I'll visit.

  4. Beautiful photo! The view to the horizon and the sky are gorgeous!

  5. I try not to get too depressed when the rains stop here in northern CA and the hills turn from a gorgeous green to a subtle golden brown like this. But seeing this lovely photo makes me realize that there's great beauty in the dry times as well!

  6. JULIE - it IS beautiful, isn't it?
    I'm so happy to be living in this area.
    Good for the soul.

  7. JELLY - went for that drive yesterday.
    I was thinking of you.
    It was co-o-o-o-old!
    Everything has a veneer of green now.
    The rivers and dams are all still dry.

  8. PETREA - I start getting a bit antsy if I can't get out into the bush at least once a week.
    I've definitely dug a hole for myself trying to manage 4 blogs!
    What was I thinking???!!!

  9. SONIA - it's amazing how the light washes out all the colour.
    Bright white light.

  10. KATIE - I know exactly what you mean.
    In summer, the dry and heat gets to me too.
    I really like these photos from summer - it was stinking hot but the photos were so lovely.

  11. Four blogs is a hole, just like Alice's Wonderland is an innocent picnic.

  12. Now this IS my Oz.........BTW I'm glad RuT is a wrenching you ;-) I do try, you know.

  13. Hey, I've been banned from a few photo forums - nothing wrong with that....

    (I've been banned from a couple of pubs as well, matter of fact. I'd like to say that in true Aussie style it was becasue of a punch up, but alas, no.... you can't have punch-ups on a photo forum)


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