Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All Lit Up

Our former town hall - now the Performing Arts Centre and Art Gallery.
Across the road from The Golden Dragon Chinese restaurant.

Barkly St, Ararat - June, 2008


  1. Where's the new town hall then? Gone down the drain like the corner shop? LOL

    Cathching up with your latest photos. Absolutely LOVED your cocky tree !
    And I like Chinese too.

  2. That's kinda nice. Sit outside and enjoy the sights while munching. And I am not psychotic, just a little odd.

  3. The more I see of your Ararat the more impressive it looks!! Totally different to TI.

    Isn't it a tad cool to be sitting outside eating chinese though????

  4. I agree with Woogon that ararat looks like a happenin' kind of place. I like the photo of the hilo driving through town.

  5. Hi Letitia! I’m back to blogosphere after another busy (and annoying) week… ;)
    At least there are some beautiful shots around for us to enjoy! Lovely!

  6. I love your wildly abandoned buildings, too. I grew up in farm country (Illinois), and when I go home the old barns are the things I want to photograph.


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