Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stick With Me, Baby...

....and we'll hit the dizzying heights!
From kangaroo poo to bin night!
It doesn't get much more exhilarating than this!
You wish you were me, dontcha?

Ararat - 27 May, 2008


  1. An email from my sister:

    the poor Ararat Daily photo has certainly taken a nose dive!
    Not only are we subjected to roo poo but a f#I*ing wheelie bin.....I keep telling you youre a freak,a fruitloop,a nut bag.
    What happened to all the arty farty photos....Ararat in full swing...the people,the places...no,you show us shit and garbage.

    Delightful, isn't she?

  2. I'll stick with you, baby, because I love your photos and I love your wackiness!

  3. Oooh, Letty, you're livin' the life. And promotin' tourism, too.

    I'm like jellyhead. I'm stickin' with you because...because...I'm one of those people who makes a bee-line for you, is why. Wonky, the two of us.

  4. JELLY - Awww thanks.
    You are very charitable (unlike some family type members!).
    I wasn't feeling the right vibe on Tuesday night - my creative juices just weren't flowing.
    But sometimes that's all life is - bin night.

  5. PETREA - yeah - come to Ararat and see the wheelie bins!
    We got it goin orn!!
    Yeah, you stick with me, we will skip through our days together!

  6. I've thought about posting a wheelie bin photo on my blog. I mean, we're just showing folks like in our towns, right? They have trash in Paris too, I'll bet.

    There's a photo in Pasadena Magazine this month of of a shady street lined with trash cans.


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