Thursday, December 11, 2008

Night Time is the Right Time

Langi Morgala Museum.
Full of all kinds of wondrous things.
Check it out....
I have it on reliable authority that these creatures come alive at night!!!

Photo: Ararat - November, 2008


  1. I am working on my night photography. My street lights tend to turn into blobs that ruin what is around them. Have a project over the weekend to photograph some houses in the local block that have chrissy decorations. That should challenge me.

    I love how you have captured the spread of the light over the street ...

  2. I shall have to get my backside up there to have a gander at the museum...even if it's just to see exactly what comes alive after dark :P

  3. I remember when you posted those mannequins, they are so freaky!

  4. What a magic photo!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I am so glad with your kind words more than I can say!
    I will visit you always, for sure!
    Many hugs!

  5. Any stump jump ploughs in there?

  6. ........nice and garish; definitely. Great to see you besmirching Richard's patch again.

  7. Thanks for visiting my swimmign blog. Where's your favourite place to give your gills some exercise?

  8. Good photo and odd :)

    Happy new year!


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