Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Looks idyllic, right?
You'd never guess there was a stinky, rotten, fly-blown, dead animal part just out of shot.

Photo: One Tree Hill, Ararat - November, 2008.


  1. A Happy New Year to you and yours!

    PS: I don't know why, but the photo did not open to me....I will come back.

  2. Looks like a beautiful landscape!

    I hope you don't mind me taking the easy route by copying and pasting this comment, it is by far the easiest method of getting my message to so many CDP photobloggers.
    I am not sure that I can sustain South Shields Daily Photo much longer, it is so difficult to keep finding new material on a daily basis,
    and after more than two years inspiration and motivation are becoming harder to find, so I may become less daily from time to time.
    I hope you can find new hope and inspiration, and that a new start in 2009 brings everything that you desire.
    The CDP photoblogging community has grown massively over the past year and I'd like to thank those who have visited South Shields Daily Photo, especially those who have been kind enough to leave a comment or two.
    Best wishes for 2008




    South Shields Daily Photo

  3. It is such a lovely picture I'm not sure I needed to know about the dead animal. As we say around my house, TMI (too much information). ha ha Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year.

  4. I needed to know about the dead animal - keeps the image truly Australian!

    What I also need to know is why the dogs aren't rolling in it!!!

    Lovely evening view to conclude the year, Letitia. Peace and love to you and yours.

  5. Of course there's something dead and manky - every beautiful Aussie scene has something dark lurking just below the surface.
    Like a sheep past its use-by date....roadkill....or the crazy cat lady who went wandering through the swamp on a dark, moonless night.....

  6. Another lovely shot and commentary too! I'm getting better I found it the day after you posted..Thanks for your support during the year, I hope that 2009 brings you all you could possibly wish for!

    Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

  7. Portland Oregon Daily Photo sends you heartfelt wishes for the new year. May your 2009 be filled with good health, riches of the mind and heart, loved ones returning home, an increased respect for our fragile planet, and the cessation of wars across the Earth.

    I might believe it because of the excited-looking dogs!

  8. What a scene! But that is so true. What is in the frame ain't everything.

    I'll happily follow you around Ararat in 2009, Letty.

  9. Hi Letitia! Hope you survived the stinky dead animal, food and the champagne, and entered 2009 in great shape! ;))
    Happy New Year!
    Blogtrotter will be posting on Delhi the next weeks; lots to see… Hope you like it and wish you a great weekend!

  10. Hey Sonia.
    You aren't getting itchy typing fingers are you??!!
    Happy New Year!!

  11. Curly.
    Two years!!!!!!!!
    I faltered after 2 months!!!
    I have a very flexible interpretation of the word "daily".

  12. Washaw.
    Hi there.
    The ugly bits make the good bits just that much gooder.

  13. Julie.
    Back at'cha.
    Peace, happiness and health.

    (re:dogs - I was walking quietly but carrying a big stick!)

  14. Jayne - I think you know a bit too much about the crazy cat lady - are you speaking from experience??!!

  15. Bitingmidge "all I could possibly hope for"...........hmmmmmmmmmmm.....
    most of all, I hope my husband doesn't die.
    If I can't have that - a pony???
    Catcha in '09.

  16. Lynette, what a beautifully expressed wish for the new year.
    I second it! (and may repeat it to others, as if it were my own!).

  17. Ruth - you promise?
    Dead animals and all?
    (don't think i've forgotten about that poor old dead deer you photographed!).
    Have you seen Zed and Two Naughts yet?

  18. GMG - "great shape".
    Are we talking generally or specifically?
    Even though I live just down the road from one of australia's great champagne makers (oh, we are not allowed to call it that anymore),
    I'm a "wowser".
    I do however enjoy sherry soaked trifle and cherry liqueur chocolates.
    So I gave them a good go, over the festive season.
    See you in Delhi.

  19. Did you think, I am forgot you ? No, my dear, not at all, but I am getting old and everything seems to happen so slowly or simply I have too much to do with my grandchildren.
    I have still two of them here with us until their school will start.And of course, their needs are first!

    Now I want to wish you and your family plenty of happiness for 2009,
    healthy and peace !

  20. Letitia

    On one of my reconfigured blogs, I am setting up co-contributors and I would be chuffed if you were to consider joining us. Here is the addy:

    It is pretty much explained there ... I am asking a number of other Australian blogger/photographers. I will totally understand if you decline or if you wish to be added but sit on the sideline for a while ... just consider it ... please.

  21. Letty, go have a look at this post in Queensland. You will love it!

  22. Leena - I haven't forgotten you either!!
    I am the same - I move slow - I reckon it's the best way to move.
    I'll see you over at "your place".
    Yes,yes - lots of happiness for you and yours in 2009.

    Everyone go and have a look at this blog - it's interesting from a composition perspective - portraits are REALLY hard.
    These guys are giving it a red hot go.
    It's interesting to see them develop.
    Plus they are really brave to front up to people (me, I'm too shy to join in).

  24. Julie - you know me well.
    I DO absolutely LOVE that photo.
    Queenslanders are my favourite type of house.
    And I love this falling down one!

  25. Yes! I did see Zed and Two Noughts. What a strange one! Intriguing though. I'm glad I watched it.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.


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