Monday, December 1, 2008

Giant YoYos

City Daily Photo theme day - Circles - at least that's what I think the subject is - I'll look a bit stupid if it turns out to be wood or air or something.
Note to self - in future, double check theme before posting.

Giant yo-yos at the Ararat library.
I don't believe they serve any real purpose except to look pretty.
Maybe they are lights.
I like 'em.

Photo - okay, okay - it's a re-post from February 2008.


  1. Now I'd really like to see those hip dudes do a demo with one of these little beauties!

  2. Cool lighting! Yes, I'd like to see some yo-yo tricks done with these!

  3. A fun posting & your note to self made me smile

  4. No, no I agree. They are definitely yo-yos.

  5. I'm always IN the color. Love the colorful one :)

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