Thursday, May 28, 2009

Autumn in Ararat

Foggy morning light through Autumn leaves.

Banfield St, Ararat - 27 May, 2009


  1. I can feel the light. Autumn light is maybe the best, IMO.

    How cold does it get in the winter? 10C? Or maybe you get frost sometimes.

  2. Love this photo! The light and the color through the leaves are so beautiful!

  3. I adore autumn light, too. I just plain adore autumn! And it has gone for another year ...

    We have not had much fog at all as yet. It will come ... like taxes ... it will come.

  4. Ruth - 10C,10C!!!
    Are you mocking our coldidity!
    We've already had a minus this year!
    And in Ararat we get LOTS of frost.
    It even snowed in the main street - once!

  5. Sonia - I love this photo, too.
    It's so dream-like.

  6. Julie - Autumn is my favourite time of the year.
    It's so alive and so sleepy at the same time.
    It went by in a flash.
    Now, bleakness for 3 months.
    Good for introspection (not too much though).

  7. Lovely shot!
    Yep, Autumn sped past and now we shall have screaming blizzards and blue toes and bird baths frozen solid and snow cancelling train services....well, we used to get that in Castlemaine every year!

  8. There's hope that the sun will win, after all! :-)

    Happy May-Greetings
    from this side of the planet!

  9. Jayne - and RAIN!!!!
    We have rain.
    Our little tank is full - I'm so excited!!

  10. Merisi - The sun has been winning a bit too much around here lately!
    But we are very happy it has begun to rain! Let's hope it rains gently for 3 months non-stop!

    (I thought of you this morning as I ordered my Austrian slippers!)

  11. That is gorgeous. You take great photos.

  12. Hey Carlene!!!
    Where you been??

    Thank you.
    I impressed myself with this photo!

  13. Good morning, Australia!
    Is it still raining there?
    What about the Austrian slippers? ;-)

    Summer greetings from the other side of the world,

  14. Merisi - sunny today!
    My Austrian slippers came on Friday.
    I LOVE them!!

  15. Great Fall leaves shot! We're just into Summer now! I just discovered your blog today. Fun to look thru your pics. Regards from EAGAN daily photo in Minnesota, USA

  16. Thanks Leif - winter is starting to set in - cold mornings - nothing I expect like the winter cold in Minnesota, though.

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