Friday, October 31, 2008

Stop!!! I Wanna Get Orf!!!

I might have made myself a little unwell on this ride.
It might look unassuming,
but it goes REALLY high and fast
and round and round and round and round

Ararat Show - 26th Oct, 2008


  1. As nice as the photo is, it makes me a little unwell looking at it too. It looks like a serious ride, even though it doesn't seem like it should be. It looks very innocent and ferris-wheel-ish.

    Nice to see you, I was wondering how you were.

  2. Yee-hah
    Good to hear your voice again.

  3. Uuaahh..! That looks really impressive! The angle from which you took this photo gives it even a bigger swirl!!

  4. Yesterday I received the KREATIV BLOGGER award from Diederick at Aronaeveryday and consequenly have the right to nominate 6 further blogs for this award. It is with pleasure that I nominate you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. My 6 nominations are linked on my blog and there is a certificate that is yours should you wish to participate in this award. Your blog gives me pleasure and ideas and I appreciate and value your efforts.

  5. Ruth - it probably didn't help that I had been round twice already on the "cha cha"!

    I'm still here and I'm very well and very happy - thanks for thinking of me.

  6. Thanks Julie, I'll keep my fingers crossed that I don't fall off the pace again (uh-huh, sounds like wishful thinking!).

  7. blognote - it was a VERY big swirl.
    I tried to pretend to faint so the operator would stop it, but he was a cold-hearted sod!

  8. Aw thanks Julie!!
    I feel a bit chuffed!

  9. Babushie - sadly, I can't really take much credit for this one. It was an extraordinarily bright, sunny day and I couldn't see a thing on the screeny thing - I had to leave it all up to the camera and hope it came up trumps for me!

  10. She's back!

    I thought that a bunyip must have eaten you.

    [I do like that the verification is 'PERMS'. Ever had one?]

  11. Kris - just swallowed up by life.

    I may have had a perm - circa 1982.
    It may have been two hours of wasted effort, curling and squirting and stinking (??? what was it I was describing again??!!).
    Having dead straight hair (I am 1/16 chinese, you know - "my people" aren't renowned for their curls), the perm kinda "fell out".
    I've learnt to embrace my skanky aussie(/chinese) hair - as my husband calls it, he of the thick, wavy, soft, luxuriant locks (ie: pre chemo. post chemo - his hair looks like the rats have been at it).


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