Thursday, September 4, 2008


I'm not too proud to admit I'm not man enough to live up to the Daily Photo Challenge.
It's really, really hard!!!
Especially when you're not "feelin' it", and I don't want to upload any old thing.
Anyway, I'm calling a "time out" while I get my groove back.
And don't YOU slacken off, coz I'll be watching you!!!!!

Young family in Alexandra Gardens, Ararat - August, 2008.


  1. Great photo! Hope you enjoy your self-imposed sabbatical and return with your groove on.

  2. Hi Letitia!
    OK, take your time out, as I’ll finally get some days off this year; not much, just from Friday night (September 5th) through Monday morning (September 15th). But I don’t leave you empty hands: a beautiful beach and lots of champagne wait for you at Blogtrotter. Enjoy! ;)

  3. Oh, you cannot do this,
    we need that daily fix from downunder, now that we are going to have to kiss summer good-bye in the not too far future! :-(((

    I do understand, though, what you are talking about. Quite honestly, I get these days too. When nothing seems good or interesting enough. Sometimes it helps to simply take a look out the window. Shoot anything (ok, not a wolfe from a helicopter like that huntress from up north, except if you got a lens in front of you), even the seemingly banal, the drearily commonplace object in your mind may be just what inspires you anew.

    Anyway, what can I say? Enjoy your sabbatical, we shall get a supply of handkerchiefs (of the finest Swiss cotton batiste, embroidered with the most delicate of flowers, as a fitting reminder), lean back, maybe listening to Berlioz' Symphonie Fantastique, also known as an "Episode in the Life of the Artist", so fitting in your case. Click here, and enjoy the second movement, the waltz! :-)

  4. Sorry, I made a mistake,
    I linked to the wrong part of the symphony, here comes the waltz, played by the Orchestre de Paris, directed by Herbert von Karajan.

  5. Hi Letitia,
    Enjoy your time break... I really understand... post a photo a day is very hard!

  6. I have my days. So far I'm sticking with it but you never know. Come by and see me when you feel like it because I always want to see you.

  7. But posting any old thing is my forté!

  8. Good on ya, Sport! It's been a great time. Will miss you but son't let that upset you.

    Greetings, 'roony.

  9. So very, very understandably!

    Greetings from our starting autumn!

    Have a happy weekend!

  10. DC CONFIDENTIAL - Thanks. I like how the limbs of the people figures imitate the branches of the trees - stick-like.

  11. GMG - Hi Gil - Yes, beautiful beach photos - I'm looking forward to summer!

  12. MERISI: Oh, thank you so much.
    You sent me on a bender!
    I so enjoyed Berlioz, I spent all afternoon yesterday, listening to music.
    Specifically, Beethoven's Pastoral,
    Dvorak's Silent Woods, Sibelius' Violin Concerto in D minor and good old Max Bruch's rollicking 3rd movement of his violin concerto No.1.
    I had THE BEST TIME!!
    All thanks to you!!!

  13. Letty, you might like the charming Berlioz wrote (he was a journalist as well as a musician and composer). It's called "Evenings with the Orchestra." Charming, funny and a bit cynical. He knows whereof he speaks.

  14. Now I admit I am not the most regular of visitors, but I do come around every month.... not much to see this month though!

    Do enjoy your break, and come back firing!


    Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

  15. great photo. did you enjoy your break time?

  16. Hi Letitia. No news, good news?
    Have a great week!


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