Sunday, August 10, 2008


Where did the touch of spring go??
Freezing today and hailing (with deceiving sunny breaks).'s camellia season in Ararat.
I love camellias - they brighten up the grey days of winter.

Fallen camellia blooms in our front garden (with weeds) - 10 August, 2008.


  1. There is something so beautiful yet tragic about fallen flowers .... and you have captured it all.

  2. OMG, is this for real! This is just stunning, gorgeous. Can't you just see this enlarged to gigantic proportions on my living room wall?

  3. This is a most exquisite composition!
    I love camelias. I used to look for them in February, walking to the Library of Congress from the Metro station, there were a few hidden bushes that got enough sunshine to survive the winters. The city of Savannah, Georgia, further down South, is a veritable camelia queen, with the larges most gorgeous blossoms imaginable on every city square (you may remember "Forrest Gump", Forrest of "Mama always said life was like a box a chocolates, opening his box of chocolates on a park bench, waiting at a bus-stop, that was filmed in that beautiful city).

    A wonderful evening to you! :-)

  4. The colours and the texture here is quite exquisite. The randomness of the scattering, to me, shows sadness.

    Most affecting ...

  5. JELLY - it's true!
    I watch them ALL year put so much energy into making those buds, and then once they bloom they are on the tree maybe one or two days - then gone!

  6. CARLENE - YEAH! Rooly rool!
    And it's only the beginning.
    In a couple of weeks - I will have a pinky-red carpet on the front lawn!
    Some of them even have white stripes.
    Wait until the flowering gum comes into blossom - they are awesome!

  7. MERISI - thank you. I had to take LOTS of shots to get this one.
    Usually I just shoot one or two frames of something but this time it was really difficult capturing the feeling I was experiencing.

  8. JULIE: and I reckon those weeds really set off the blooms. It's like a green sea or soft bed - and then the contrast of the spiky yellow (the frost has gotten to it) kikuyu, adds something too.

    You know that professional photographers do take more than one shot to get that one single good frame, if they are lucky, do you? ;-)
    Nowadays, with digital, no more film rolls are wasted, all you need is pushing the delete botton, later on.

    When are you going to change your blog title to "Almost Daily"???
    A little bit more discipline, my Fair Lady, is called for here.
    *Can't wait to see your next gorgious image! No pressure, though!*


  10. This is so pretty I can't stand it.

  11. MERISI - okay, okay - I'm not up to it - I can admit it - daily photo is TOO HARD!!

  12. Love the composition with the bright red and green! Splendorous flower! I guess the scent is delicious...

  13. Sonia, these ones don't have much fragrance - but they look pretty!


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