Friday, August 1, 2008

Tin Town

Country Australia would never have been built without corrugated iron!
Water tanks, fences, shearing sheds - even houses.

Photo - MY corrugated iron shed.
I wonder what those numbers mean??
The 70th of March, 1986??

Today is The Daily Photo group's theme day.
Check out how other bloggers all over the world have chosen to depict METAL


  1. Hello there again...i checked out your other blog "Poof - And It's Gone" Loved it, you made me laugh about doing the dishes by hand "LIKE AN ANIMAL"...we were in the same boat for months, mine is fixed now and I have never appreciated my dishwasher more :-)

  2. One of the more interesting metal images, and even quirkier with
    the mysterious numbers.

  3. very nice picture

    at first thought that it was some kind of writing in a cave or rock somewhere

  4. Wonderful interpretation of the theme. I can feel the roughness of the iron and rust just from the image. You have captured just enough light to enhance the colouring and the corrugations.

    As for the graffiti - your stab could be on the money! Was there a flood during 1986 - it could be mm, although my guess is that Aaratians (?) to this day think imperial. What's the bit on the right that you have not been able to include?

  5. Your photo looks like a painting. I really like it. But those numbers? Hmmm.

  6. Ahhhhh .... love me a good bit of corrugated iron ;-)

    Hope you're keeping warm and having fun this weekend.

  7. It's a great choice for the theme day! Congrats!

  8. TORI - my dishwasher is my favourite "whitegoods" item!

  9. BABOOSH - maybe 370 shopping days til Christmas?

  10. RAFA - we DO have some rock painting not far from here - one day I'll post some photos.

  11. KEN - thanks!
    Isn't that rust, just the most beautiful colour?

  12. JELLY - here I am on Tuesday, and I can't even remember what the weather was actually like on the weekend!
    If you love a bit of corrugated iron, you'd LOVE Ararat - someone made a lot of money out of it once upon a time!

  13. HARRY - thanks!
    I wanted to take a photo of Ararat kids' braces (on their teeth) but I didn't get my act together in time.

  14. JULIE well... there WAS that big flood a while back where the ark ended up on Mt Ararat.
    That other number is a three - but it doesn't seen to belong to anything - it's just hanging out there all by itself.


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