Friday, June 17, 2011

Winter round these parts

At the Elmhurst-Landsborough Rd turnoff.
Victoria, Australia

Photo: 15th June, 2011


  1. Such a beautiful photo Letitia. I feel the stillness and serenity of this spot.
    If you are interested, have a look at Leonie's early morning photo over at
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Anne xx

  2. Gorgeous place, Letitia!
    Amazing photo too.

  3. anne - and just to top things off - a kookaburra was giving us a lovely song.
    Leonie's photo is very, very beautiful (and it looks sooooo cold!).

  4. Thanks Sonia - the countryside is so pretty at the moment after all the rain we have had over the past 6 months or so.
    Such a contrast from the drought-stricken land of the last 10 years.

  5. We are in Canberra this weekend, the landscape is a lot like this ,,. brownish with bare trees. You however have done a great shot whereas I have been having trouble getting camera inspired.

  6. JE - I love Canberra - I've taken some of my favourite photos there.
    I'm thinking of a little trip later this year - the art gallery has a Fred Williams retrospective. I fell in love with his paintings when Vince was in the cancer hospital. They had some of his works on display there - I think he might have been treated at Peter Mac before he died.

  7. Looks like a painting. I will miss that old town hall though!

  8. Badger - don't worry - you'll have plenty of time to become acquainted with this hill.

  9. Letitia, you are a true artist.
    I love your take of the world around you.

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