Saturday, March 27, 2010

Morning Coffee in the Park on an Overcast Day

Alexandra Gardens
Ararat Victoria Australia
(my adorable little Morris Minor, Clarrie in the background)
18 March, 2010


  1. That looks like a beautiful garden with the flours in bloom.

  2. Nice to see almost a flower bed, rather than strappy leaves.

  3. Bill - the gardens look wonderful at the moment - once we got past the withering dry, heat of Jan and Feb.

  4. Andrew - It's a beautiful old-fashioned garden with canna lilies and roses and fountains and even an orchid hot house.

  5. What a lovely sight for sore eyes after so many years of drought!

  6. Jayne - they've kept the park going over the drought with recycled treated water but it just isn't the same as when we get real live rain!

  7. I have only just found your blog, and love your photos !(you visited me, but blogger is a bugger, doesn't keep track).

    Love Clarrie, obviously a car of character.

  8. TR - I DID visit your blog - it's one I really enjoy.
    Did you realize I'm the same person that has "the shed"?

    Clarrie is a most fabulous little car.
    (I think he may need a big brother or sister - I'm thinking a Kombi).

  9. Lovely photo. It wouldn't be the same without Clarrie!

  10. Thanks Cushyco.
    Clarrie is the best.
    Have a look here for his official introduction:

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